Family First Water Leak Alarm

Family First Water Leak Alarm

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The Family First Water Leak Alarm is a 9v battery operated alarm that will monitor for water leaks and activates with direct water contact.

When water is detected, it sounds an extra-loud alarm sound at over 85dB (at 3 metres). Place near water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, under the sink, in basements or cellars, and anywhere indoors that water leaks may occur – it is designed to be used in dry areas where water should not be.

Easy to use, it comes with a two year warranty.

  • Detects of water leaks in dry areas of the home
  • Sounds a loud alarm if water is detected
  • 9V battery powered included
  • Ideal for under washing machines, dishwashers and the sink
  • 2 year warranty