About Us

Who we are

Qld Food bank is a non-denominational, self funded business which acts Service for businesses to establish and maintain social responsibility. This aid goes to the charities and community groups who help their local community.

It was first established in 2017 in Mackay, QLD.  Qld Food bank is a link between the industry’s surplus and the welfare sector’s need.


How do we afford to offer free services to business who wish to be more socially responsible?

Good question! we looked outside of the box for ideas - and saw there was a lack of marketing and financial backing in business budgets to meet their desire to help their communities.

Our fee-for service/projects throughout the year will fund our services to assist our partnered brands to deliver aid to community services, we will also apply throughout the year for government and private grants - which will assist in operational costs as well as paying for specific skilled services if needed (welfare checks will be lead by our Rescue Response trained Medics/Paramedics our scope of practice is ever increasing with nutritionist, upskilled advanced paramedics, dieticians, private firefighting, disaster management and alternative medicine clinicians providing consultation and expert advice in the respective fields with clear communication between our aid and government agencies and their scope of work).

All in all - we will work with with the surrounding areas (directly and through partnered groups/organisations) to eliminate insecurities which are result of redundancy, low employment options, single parent families, emergency bills which must be paid immediately resulting in no more in weekly budget.


Yes we will assist even if there is a natural disaster

Unlike many businesses or groups who close up when a threat is coming close - When a disaster happens - we also aim to sustainably assist the community with essential aid with stock, established networks, donation drives and our volunteer program/intern program (unemployed youth program). Our risk assessments show a very low risk due to the highly experienced partnerships and skills matrix of our team.



We recognize and provide solutions to the two major criticisms that exists in the food security industry;

● Firstly, a key danger of food aid is the de-politicisation of hunger. As the charity sector mobilises to meet this need, there is less pressure on the government to address the root causes of food poverty, which are essentially income related. (Its for this exact reason why our business model includes the training and utilization of the public to be redistributed back into the working community within the business model itself)

● A second major issue with food distributed through charities is that it can’t provide a consistently wholesome and healthy diet, as they are dependent on donations from individuals, and surplus from supermarkets and other food manufacturers. (Which is why we have nutritionists and dietitians in our staff that can advise of nutritional quality and we are looking to establish relationships with the farmers for access to surplus stock). Martin Caraher Professor of Food and Health Policy, City, University of London.

Additionally, in the event of natural disasters (for which our management and volunteers were actively involved during the recent Cyclone Debbie both during the active phase and the clean up), we observed the presence and utilization of food banks would have been invaluable as access to food and water alone becomes scarce.


- Mackay  food parcels launching very soon (Nov 2017)
- Gold Coast  food parcels launching Dec 2018
- Natural Disaster aid launched April 2017
- School food wastage program & workshops ready to launch Feb 2018
- Disaster preparation workshops to launch Mackay late 2017. Key speakers booked in.


We have now also established 3 territory co ordiantors.


Remember as well our founder started this with her own money and time (also our board members dedicated their time as well) for the greater good of the community and to utilise specialist skills and entrepreneural thinking to be a self funded business that pushes its profits into aid programs for other not for profit organisations and other programs in which we will be rolling out to the community ourselves ...




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