Environmental Commitment

There are situations where perfectly edible food cannot be distributed for sale. A run of biscuits is missing the nuts, a consignment of soup has the wrong label, pallets of cake mix are too close to their ‘Best Before’ date or thousands of bottles of cordial that have details of a competition that closed last month.

What does the food company do? Dump the product and bear the transport and tipping costs or see the error as an opportunity to help people in need at the same time as avoiding an environmental tragedy?

Every year Australian food companies, can partner with us and help us divert tonnes of food from going to landfill and give it a new purpose – to help feed people who would otherwise go hungry.

By doing so they reduce costs, avoid further contributing to the pressure on landfill space and reduce the production of the greenhouse gas methane which results from waste decomposing.






Photo: The Plaid Zebra