Objectives & Outcomes

The objectives of our mission/projects is to:

1. Collate relevant information about food waste data in Queensland to assist other organisational studies eg National Food Waste Assessment (completed by UTS 2011)

2. Assist organisations that require food aid eg homeless, DV shelters, Youth drop in centres

3. Emergency Relief Aid locally in Qld and when we grow all of Queensland being dispersed by our self funded private emergency response - funded by grants, donations, fundraising, corporate partnerships etc.

4. Assist development of youth programs (assist in unemployment and education gaps required by our trade and not trade positions in our communities)

5. Identify key gaps and recommend priority actions required.

6. Providing purpose and perspective to the mental health community (which comprises a large part of the low socio-economic demographic) through gainful training, internships, mentorship programs and eventual employment which has the potential to lessen the impact of mental health issues within Queensland.