VR Education & Community Resilience

Virtual Reality Training & Education:


Since May 2017 - we have been working with some amazing partners on VR technology which launches in 2018 for training our staff, and education to the public

With our very own internal VR video app staff we have some amazing offers we can provide as well as organize custom work depending on budget.

We want to help communities understand the psychological impact natural disasters can have on a community and help those communities who have been impacted by natural disasters become better prepared.



Emergency Management & VR

Every company and organization has an emergency response plan.  In each plan particular people are trusted with the responsibility of carrying out assessment and evaluation of situations that provide various levels of potential harm to the organization.

This process must be both accurate and rapid in order to lead the company/organisation to the correct and safely executed actions that will provide the best possible outcome from the incident.

The best equipment, training, and plan will not be successful without competent and confident persons in leadership roles. While many qualities of successful business management can be helpful in emergency response, there is no substitute for training and drills to develop the familiarity with the principles of emergency response that will bring good results out of a bad situation. Table top drills can be an effective way to exercise the emergency plan.  But even when well scripted and facilitated they can lack the qualities necessary to provide a healthy level of stress needed to simulate the demands of a real incident.